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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Response to Empty Exercises Blog

Empty Exercises seems to be on everyone's mind.  Thank you for the response to the initial blog.  People of every description practice empty exercises to forward their agenda.  People of the churches that oppose abortion say they love all living beings, however, where are the rights of the woman carrying the child.  If we do away with abortion as they suggest, women will be forced to find the illegal abortionist in a non-hygenic situation.  If you get a chance watch the video "If these walls could talk". Anti- Abortion helps those churches keep control of their parishoners with their antiquated methods of "birth control". It is also an easy way to add to that particular church without having to recruit new, older members.  Children are so much easier to "train" in their existing religion.  Remember what Goebbel's said to Hitler?  "You give me the children until the age of 6 and they will be ours forever."
Empty Exercises are appearing everywhere now.  If you have one specific "exercise" you would like to "discuss", please go the bottom of this blog, find the comment area and discuss your empty exercise.  Everyone could jump in and discuss it as you see it and the way they see it. 

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