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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


After Congress came to a standstill on the Debt Limit discussion, they appointed a SUPER COMMITTEE,  to work on solving the problems, over an additional month.  Built into the outcome, 1) Congress would accept whatever they resolved, 2) if they did not resolve matters, there would be drop dead decisions that would apply anyhow.  The three most obvious were: 1) there would be an increase in the Payroll tax--for ALL , 2) there would be VERY  large cuts into the defense budget, such as the funds that would be saved by pulling out of Afganistan by our troops and3) expiration of the Bush tax cut for the wealthy.
The Congressmen did not solve the problem, so they are looking at something that has already been agreed to and is starting to be put in place, but the GOP doesn't want them to be put in place, so they are trying to figure out ways of stopping it.
It appears that the Empty Exercise that was attempted by the ruling power of the House is backfiring.  The Super committee has truly become an EMPTY EXERCISE, because the time they thought they were going to gain, really didn't amount to a hill of beans.

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