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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free Trade Kool-Aid

Free Trade Kool-Aid, a new term.  This has to do with employers that are creating a MYTH of job creator and receiving government money for helping the U.S. Economy by doing so, but in reality, they are laying off people and outsourcing them overseas and receiving the funds they save in paying less wages.  A DOUBLE DIP!!
Currently, most Major Corporations are hoarding billions of dollars in their accounts, for fear of another recession.  They are not hiring people, even though they could.
Our legislators realize this, yet still allow it to continue, their word for this is "Free Trade Kool-Aid".  If you would like to check this out further go to the following sites:  http://www.commondreams.org/video/2011/8-24-0
and workingAmerica.org.jobtracker.com (on this site you can put in your zip code and find out all about the jobs that have been taken away and outsourced for a 50 mile radius).
This is an example of an Empty Exercise that is perpetrated by legislators, lobbyists, major corporations and plenty of governmental officials that are turning their heads.  No wonder our citizens can't get jobs, the jobs are all being sent away for the bottom line.

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