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Friday, August 12, 2011

Disingenuous--an interesting word.

Disingenuous--according to New Webster's Dictionary--is a word meaning,
"Not ingenuous; not open, frank, or candid, insincere; falsely attempting to appear ingenuous. 
You can't have the above word without "Ingenuous", which means; Possessed of cleverness, resourcefulness, or inventiveness; clever or original in conception or design.
Why, you might ask am I starting out this edition of the blog with these two words? 
Perhaps you have heard your politicans use at least "Disingenuous" in a conversation before and wondered what the heck is that big word?  If you did not look it up after you heard it, you probably missed the Empty Exercise the politician just ran right by you.
Usually disingenuous is used when a politician does not like who he is addressing about a speech, bill, etc. and wants to roughly call him a "liar" in whatever he is representing.  Politicians do not like to use common words that you and I would understand, they want to keep everything appearing nice and peaceful.   
When a politician uses big words that you do not understand, please write it down of use a yellow marker over the writing and look it up.  You need to go this deep in your search for the candidate you want to represent you. 
We are heading into the political year of 2012 as of the Iowa Caucus.  You need to start searching for a candidate that you can support. 
You need to make up your own list of what you want in a candidate, write it down, why do you want items, write down your own explaination so you understand it, start searching for a candidate that fulfills those items on your list.
Beware of Some polarizing issues (what is a polarizing issue?)  A polarizing issue is an issue that has two opposite solutions to the problem at hand, and usually no compromise can be reached.  The best example is Abortion.  There two Major groups involved and many sub-groups.
The Pro-Life Group is the group that is not for abortion.  I am not going to jump off that bridge in an explanation, but the sub-groups would be the Roman Catholic Church and most Evangelical Churches.  They support the rights of the fetus, not the rights of the mother.
The Pro-Choice group is the group that is for abortion.  This group supports Planned Parenthood, and the rights of the woman over the fetus.
This could be a book, but I am only using this an example of a polarization, because you are either for one of these groups or the other, there is no compromise.  Usually you are for the candidate that supports one of the polarized sides and go along with his/her visions.  I could give you statistics about these groups, but that is for you to decide and research.  You really need to find out where you stand on this issue as it is a paramount issue in most major campaigns.
As you do your research on any political matter, check my reference section in my other Blog--http:www/educatedcitizenry.blogspot/ .  I have tried to present unbiased, or if a bias then the alternative to it, so you may select which resources you value.  (Example: Fox News  and MSNBC)

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